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13 June 2016

Honorary Fellowships Presentation Ceremony
President's Speech

Council Chairman Andrew Liao, honorees and their families and friends, colleagues, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Today, I am filled with joy as we are gathered here to honor four distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the University and the community. They are experts, visionaries, and a force for change, working tirelessly to make our society a better place. HKUST is proud to confer honorary fellowship to all of them.

Mr Ming Wai Lau, Dr Benjamin Xiao-Yi Li, Mr Maximilian Y K Ma, and Mr Samuel Tat Sum Wong, show that it is possible to excel through personal endeavors and open-mindedness. The four outstanding individuals are leaders in their own fields. Yet, they share the same passion in extending opportunities for the next generation and assisting many to realize their own dreams. They exemplify the values we would like to impart to our students: a drive to achieve the very best, a passionate, courageous spirit to innovate, and a strong conviction to act boldly to reach their goals. They are ideal models for our students and the new generation.

Shortly, you will hear a citation that paints a profile of who they are, and what they have done. But a citation is never exhaustive; outstanding leaders always have something indefinable in addition to what is describable.

By your applause, I ask that you help me induct these outstanding leaders into the proud HKUST family.

Thank you.


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